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Draw in virtual reality

From reality to virtual, there is only one step
Become the designer of the future and dive into a fully immersive universe with a virtual reality headset. Like a painter would do in his studio, paint an imaginary world of thousand colours where the canvas is a 3D space.
A “paintbrush controller” in one hand, a “cubic palette” in the other, you choose your tools and colours to work with and you just have to paint in this space here your body can move to see the 3D evolution of your work.
A new creation universe is open to you, dress a mannequin, sculpt a character, a fantastic animal, a car. It isn’t’ over, at the end of the session, the final result is saved and published on the internet. The whole world is your gallery now.

Virtual reality, what is it?


The group starts with virtual reality thanks to different demos tools and the session starts with a quick explanation of the operation.
Two participant per virtual reality posts each hour. The participants enrol for a 30-minute time slot which makes 24 persons in one day. After the discovery of the running and the test of the tools, the participants develop a personal idea or make up from a theme proposed by the animator (fire dragon, clothes, enchanted world, etc.). After each session, the participants will have to show their work on the internet which will allow them to show their work to their relatives and to propose a first virtual collective exhibition.



  • Discover a creation tool and not only a game .
  • Moving and interacting in a virtual 3D immersive space.
  • Developing one’s creativity.
  • Showing one’s work online.

 Embedded Technologies

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