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Become 360 director

Cross into another dimension
From 7 to 77… for the youngest and the less young, discover, rediscover and make discover differently places that you seemed to know.
You are on the front like, the Christopher Columbus for another world to explore, to share and to show. To do this, design and direct a short video based on the 360° shooting technic. Go with us through the different writing step of a subject adapted to this new technic. The theme “visit of a place” is used as working basis. After a few exercises to discover the use of the 360° camera with a team, you can start shooting.
Then the images shot are reviewed to prepare the editing and post synchronization. The day ends by publishing the video on the internet and the viewing on a tablet.
Your whole family and friends will be able to enjoy it, diving in the place like they were there. And the whole world will be able to see it.
What a day!

Closer to your vision


The workshop is divided in 4 groups of 2 participants, each group directing its own video. Show of an example of a 360° video with binocular headsets, analysis and critics. Presentation of the shooting and recording material as well as the editing posts.
Identification of the directing steps. Writing of the project then locating and photo shooting to create a storyboard. Test of the 360° camera, then filming. Editing and post synchronization. Viewing and critical analysis.
Finally, exportation and broadcasting.



  • Being able to direct a scripted and edited 360° video.
  • Considering the technical specificity during the writing.
  • Being able to sound the video (voice over, remastered direct sound, music with respect of the royalties).
  • Being organized and work as a team to make the project a success.
  • Knowing how to publish the video and fully enjoy it thanks to immersive tools.

 Embedded Technologies

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