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3D printing in all its form

How to give birth to your ideas!
What if you made your own daily objects? Or printed your own spare parts to repair, modify, design or customize your objects?
With our help, you learn how to create a simple object (like a pawn) with a general public 3D software.
You prepare it to be printed in the best conditions via a 3D printer. Once you master the technic, you become the 3D printing Leonardo da Vinci. Surprise yourself and make up your own decoration, useful, wonderful, artistic object to show it online. A unique experience to discover the unexpected.
At the end of the day, you will leave with your 3D files and your object to continue the adventure if you want.

3D impression, what is it?


The session starts with the presentation of the software and the tools available to create the object: a pawn. A step-by-step tutorial will help to learn how to easily master the creation of one’s object.
2 hours later, once the object is prepared in meshmixer, you can launch the printing. The two last hours are used to deepen the software by creating one’s own object (skateboard, car, house, etc.) as long as the object isn’t too hard given the available time.



  • Knowing how to use a 3D creation software.
  • Knowing how to prepare and print an object with a 3D printing.
  • Being able to think the building steps of a decorative or useful object.
  • Developing one’s creativity.

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