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Head for Digital!

The digital transformation for everyone
France is more and more fitted and connected. Digital technologies are “invading” our daily life, resulting in new behaviours and new expectations. And these major changes require quick adaptation. Because it isn’t just a technical revolution which changes our lives, it is also a cultural revolution which changes our way of working, communicating and even thinking.
In this respect, the Bus des Technologies® is an original education tool to introduce new technologies and their uses to companies, schools and the general public. Our workshops are complementary and help to deepen the experience by becoming a player in digital use.

When science-fiction meets reality!


The Bus

Discover a great tool to bring awareness to digital transformation to companies, schools or the general public. The digital revolution is on its way and comes to you!

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Practical workshops

Create and experiment with practical workshops to discover new technologies. Our workshops are perfect to learn or to have fun while discovering tomorrow’s world!

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Education space

Find unique and free education resources (videos, booklets, posters… etc) for animators, trainers or other teachers to introduce digital utilization to your public.

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